1 picture=1000 words poem=1 idea 1 idea = an image

life work​​​

 .... 20 years ago, I was on a supersonic jet airliner bound for
Rome to meet with the pope. I was gettin hungry midway part
Nevada somewhere approaching Salt Lake. So I went to the refrig-
erator or at least what I thought was the refrigerator to get
myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I opened the door and
boooom... lust as the plane was crossing the sound barrier, I
fell out. and landed in the Green River at Steamboat Rock. Of
course, I've never been the same since and you'll find me return-
ing to that river at just about this time every year.

A disabled wind
Stirs A disabled leaf
Which grows by disabled light
Guided by the disabled neutrino
A key principal
In the power of variety over uniformity
Promising no limits to regeneration of that which matters to the universal design

i would be happier to see more disabled waiters in resteraunts
i would be happier to see more braille on sidewalks
i would be happier to see more opera singers with speech impediments
i would be happier to see more spastic security guards
i would be happier to see more one armed grocery checkers
i would be happier to see more blind toll booth operators
i would be happier to see more firefighters with disabilities
i would be happier to see more dancers with limps
i would be happier to see more fashion models with twitches
i would be happier to see more airline hostesses who are deaf
i would be happier to see more crutch using physical therapist
disabled ACTORS are great people
disabled POETS are great thinkers
disabled WRITERS are wonderful tto know
disabled HOLY/WOMEN are corageous
disabled BELLHOPS have great bodies
disabled LAWYERS belong in the world
disabled DENTISTS are compassionate
disabled METERMAIDS are smart
disabled PRESIDENTS are great lovers
disabled COOKS have a lot to say
disabled FATHERS are fun people
disabled WINETASTERS are loved deeply
disabled SEX SYMBOLS love deeply
disabled FARMERS are playful
disabled INVESTMENT BROKERS lead rich lives
disabled ART STUIDENTS thin,k profound thoughts
disabled COURT JUDGES are capable
disabled TALK SHO HOSTS are well balanced
disabled MILLIONAIRES are sensitive
disabled GARBAGE MEN are deep
disabled FLIGHT ATTENDANTS are joyous
disabled TAXI DRIVERS are freedom fighters
disabled FLORISTS are adventurousd
disabled DOCTORS are great learners
disabled SURGONS are proud allies
disabled FISHERKINGS are daring
disabled FIREFIGHTERS live close to reality
disabled HOUSE SITTERS are inventivly clever
disabled HEALERS are great friends
disabled PLASTERERS are nice to touch
disabled ROCK CLIMBERS are lighthearted
disabled SOUX CHEFS have much to offer
disabled SIOUX CHEIFS are world changers
disabled SWIM SUIT MODELS are sexy and intelligent
disabled ASTRONOUGHTS are experts on loving
disabled HOSPICE WORKERS are movers and shakers
disabled SENIORS are world class leaders
disabled PEOPLE are shining examples of human beings